Agile Team Training

Agile teams need competent team players. Participants will be trained to understand their personality, behavioral patterns and paradigms in the team. The training is focused on strengthening the participants and finding workable solutions for their agile or non agile team work. Individual challenges of the participants and team issues will be discussed and experienced through active group work.
Target group - agile & non agile teams
Employees of all industries who want to develop their team work.
  • Characteristics of a good (agile) team
  • Team culture & visualizations
  • The GRPI model
  • Team roles & composition
  • Phases of a team and structures
  • How to give feedback properly
  • How to manage unfair feedback
  • Team hierarchies and roles
  • Individual & Team reflection
  • Team work on specific challenges
  • Counseling methods
  • Perception of conflicts
  • Conflict resolution
  • From problems to solutions in teams
  • 12 success factors for teams
  • Trust - Transparency - continous improvement
The training will be designed according to your personal preferences and needs. The focus is on your challenges and questions regarding team-work. The team training is available as indoor and/or outdoor training. My training methods are the following:
  • Collection of recent team challenges
  • Agile mindset & teamwork
  • Short presentations & team work
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Role plays
  • Learning by doing
  • Feedback
  • Humor
  • Expanding individual agile team strategies
  • Clarity about roles, strengths and potential of the team
  • Recognizing and experiencing factors of successful agile teamwork
  • Increasing the willingness to change & continous improvement
  • Strategies for successful perception of conflict and crisis management
  • Reflection of personal thinking and behavioral patterns in the team
  • 1 - 3 days