Coaching Course

Coaching is not a linear process. Every coaching process is unique and cannot be predicted. The following structure gives you an orientation for my coaching process.

  • Free initial consultation
  • Check-up your current situation
  • Defining your goals
  • Support for your decisions
  • Developing strategies for your goals
  • Realising and conquering blockades and fears
  • Planning of appropriate measures
  • Evaluation after every coaching session
First meeting
The first meeting is to get to know each other and to find out the basis for a successful coaching process. You convey your expectations and I explain you the available options and limits for the coaching. We will also talk about the framework of the coaching.
It is also important to adress ethical questions which are an important aspect of any change process. What are your overall goals? Topics you do not want to involve. Is there a common ethical understanding or can it be created? After this meeting you decide if you want to continue with the coaching.
I will not take over your duties and responsibilities but we will work together towards achieving your defined goals.