Time and Aims

Time management is the ability to control your own work and time instead of being controlled by them.
Target group
Employees at all hierarchical levels of varios companies.
  • Evaluation of personal time management
  • Self empowerment
  • Time management tools and methods
  • Prioritizing your tasks
  • Planning your schedules
  • Dealing with distractions and challenges
  • E-Mail management
  • Dealing with overload of informations
  • Time-saving methods
  • Implementation in daily life
Time management is often associated with an increase of self-discipline. I believe that people first need a vision and passion for their goals. A consequence is the necessary self-discipline. The participants get to know new methods of avoiding stress situations. Furthermore they are encouraged to reorganize their current projects with new methods. An additional benefit will be to learn how to deal professionally with others expectations. Finally participants will learn to motivate themselves and overcome inner blockages.
The training will be designed according to personal preferences and needs. The focus is on challenges and questions about time and aims. My training methods are the following:
  • Compact presentations
  • Self-check of individual situations
  • Application of practical methods and strategies
  • Group exercises
  • Impulses for reflection